Sleep training

I right ladies so I spend the whole day reading sleep habits book and I'm going to start sleep training today.

Basically I have to wake up from 6 to 7 AM

Put him to nap around 9 AM

Then put him to nap around noon

Then start the bedtime routines and get him ready to go to sleep seven 730

This requires for me to allow him to cry for no longer than 30 minutes within naptime

And no limit around bedtime which since I'm just starting I'm knocking to be so abrasive and do everything but I will only go in twice for feedings

Wish me luck

    Well I did a bedtime routine and put him to bed at 6:17, by 7:37 he was crying and I don't pick him up for 30 mins. When I went to get him he was drenched in sweat and wouldn't stop crying for 18 mins. There's no way he is going to sleep til 6am tomorrow screw that book. I'm going to put him to sleep at 10 and then try not to get him but I won't let him cry past an hour, more then likely, 30 mins
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