Keeping others from touching your baby...

I like the phrase, "If Looks Could Kill".
I try to be generally friendly to others, even random people in stores, but I do not permit people who I don't know to touch Nina. I've never liked how random people feel like they have permission to just step up and touch my baby just because she's cute or is being good in a store or just because she's a baby, or whatever their reasons. If you're not good at or comfortable with giving death glares, just tell the other person to not touch your kid, or give some excuse, like they just got over a cold, or are sick, or you have to go.

My husband likes to tease me, saying I have the ability to give the super "death glare" or to "glare daggers". Whatever you'd call it, my death glare has so far kept all strangers from touching Nina, and I'm fine with it.

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