hey ladies

If it is Dylan's last year at school and Derek just got a promotion, do you think we should move or stay and let Derek take the position next year or should Derek just move out there and I join him next year?!? I need advice my girlfriends are all saying I should go and support Derek yet I don't want Dylan to start all over again!!!

    My dad change jobs when I was 15 and we were looking at houses.. I would have loved it, but I was a loner in school too. I would say your son is old enough to be asked his opinion.
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        That is very tough, personally if he only has one year of school I wouldn't change schools. I would let him finish at the school he is at now. I think that if he wants to take the position he should because it may not be there next year. I think if it were me we would do the live apart option, just for the school year. But it all depends on what is best for your family. I know going into my last year of school I wouldn't have wanted to move. Hope you guys can figure it out!
          Barbara Canterbury I would really look at this from your child's point of view. How does he do in general with change? If he is a go with the flow type of kiddo then I wouldn't hesitate. If he has a harder time adjusting to change I would talk him through it, but would probably still go.

          That said, if he has any kind of special needs you really need to take that into consideration. Moves can be stressful on children who are special needs. I just went through this, it was rough.
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