Toddler Stress

I found this article interesting. This article outlines toddler stress, some of its causes and how to cope when you feel your toddler may be stressed.

I like this because I just don't often think about the fact that my toddler could be stressed. They are just kids, they can't be stressed right? So this just helped to make me aware of the fact that the world is stressful for everyone including our young toddlers. They are learning so much and so full of energy all the time, and rely on us so much.

For us we do many of the things mentioned in keeping stress low for our toddler, keeping a routine is key for us, and not rushing, I always plan to get ready for things way in advance because I know my toddler will slow me down and rushing around only seems to upset her. How are you at sensing when your toddler is stressed? What do you do to help reduce the stress in your house? I know this will make me consider how hard life can be for my little baby.

    I'm actually pretty good at noticing when Clara is less than relaxed lol! She makes it pretty known when she's stressed out or not happy. She doesn't throw a tantrum by any means, but she'll cry easier or get irritated a lot easier. So I always set her in my lap and cuddle with her on the couch until she feels better. She usually really enjoys being with me when she's not feeling her best. She'll sit on my lap for hours and I don't mind. I know it helps her :-)
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