Registry announcement on facebook

We announce on facebook last night that we are having a boy, it is the easiest way to announce to everyone we know since we live far away from everyone. Not everyone was invited to the baby shower, would it be lame to announce that we have a registry for target on Facebook?

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    What if I said Luke and I just wanted to let everyone know we are working on our registry at target, we have no expectations but it is the easiest way to let people know where the registry is set up, just in case.
      5Jane Kirk
      I think the people who want get you something, want to get you something you wan and would appreciate the ideas.
        It's a weird situation and I don't really like the idea of it myself, everyone who got an invite to the shower will know where to go and that is probably good enough.
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        Hi, my boyfriend and I have recently found out we are having a baby, a little unexpected but now that it is becoming reality we are very excited!