Preschool Activities: Learning to Write a Story

I don't remember anybody focusing on this before 1st grade. But I do remember writing my first "story" in 1st grade. They told us how to make an idea and develop it. It was TONS of fun, for me anyway. I loved it. I wrote a story about a bunch of baby pigs getting lost because they didn't listen to their mother. The mother found them and they learned to never wander off without her again. Yes, I still remember it all these years lol. I think writing stories is one great way for children to express their creativity. Especially when they get to include pictures!

Moms Expertise
    Writing a story in PRESCHOOL?! Oh brother. It used to be kids didn't learn to write until Kindergarten. Why can't kids just be kids? Why can't the 'experts' realize so many kids get restless in school because they don't get the chance to be kids?
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