Grocery store robbed me!

Just spent a little over $90 on fruit!! These prices are choking my wallet!!! What do you spend the most on at the grocery store ?

    Is Bountiful Baskets in your area? We get our fruit and vegetable through this co-op because it is so much cheaper than grocery stores.
      I wish there was a bountiful baskets in our area. The closest one is almost 3 hours away. We spend SO much on produce! But we have a program called Gleaners in our town me and my husband are considering doing. You owe dues every month and you volunteer and help glean the fields twice a month but all the produce is split between the families and then all year once a week you get produce and other food.
        I live in the DC area, and the grocery stores are robbing me blind. Our grocery budget every month chokes me.
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