Adopting a pet versus buying from a breeder

Okay, this isn't parenting related but I need to vent for a minute.

I am part of several animal organizations in my area since I am very passionate about my pets. Yeah, I'm that crazy cat lady.

Not realizing it, I joined a Facebook group that is a bunch of breeders selling puppies and some adult dogs too. Several of my Facebook groups are shelters and regular people desperately trying to find homes for animals or the animal faces lifei n a shelter/euthanization. It breaks my heart, honestly.

Then I look on this page with people selling puppies for hundreds sometimes a thousand bucks OR MORE. It makes me so frustrated. A purebreed animal is no better than a mixed breed animal. And you CAN find rescues that can have pure breeds, sometimes with papers even.

What is worse is the mixed breed dogs that are TWO breeds known for problems. I saw Dachshund/Chihuahua Puppies listed for a few hundred, no papers and no vetting besides first shots done before being released to new homes. Why would you take a breed known for back problems and mix it with a breed known for eye issues and charge hundreds of dollars for them without even offering a health certificate?

Please ladies, if you want a dog find a puppy or even better an adult dog who is in desperate need of a home.

    Know what my favorite part is? When they sell 2 or more breeds, (which in fact IS A MUTT, people !!) as some sort of "designer breed". It used to be that when a lab jumped your fenced and your poodle was out, you ended up with a litter of mutts. Now it's not the case, you can sell them for the high hundreds as "labradoodles"... save us.

    I appreciate your passion for this Melissa, I'm right there with you!!
      While I was pregnant with T I worked in a vet hospital in Orange County, CA and omg these people especially around Christmas time! The breeders were selling puppies and SHIPPING them to people, some actually putting them on a plane to send to the new owner at 3-4 weeks old! We would get so angry and turn in the breeders when they did it but it doesn't help much. The breeder issue makes me so angry!
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