Temp in Kids

We have been learning about natural treatments around here.. One of the things we have read, but have yet to experience since we read, is that a fever isn't dangerous until 105-106. Scary, yes, especially for the babe. But that fever is there to do something and if it's taken down without killing whatever virus is invading the body the sickness will just last longer. I've never had a kid with a fever over 103, so I've never been in this situation.. But I do know stripping them down to their diaper, lukewarm bath, coconut oil rub, cold wash rags to play with.... Stay calm and listen to your mom instincts, they will tell you f something is wrong.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Thankfully, we have not experienced this high of a temperature but if after using all our usual methods of bringing temps down proved unsuccessful, we would definitely call the doctor.
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