I just needed one!

For MONTHS it's been every night. Ed gets home, we wolf down some quick dinner, put the food and water out for the dogs and kick them outside, throw the kid in the truck, drop him off at a grandparent's house (oh, take one weekend to move a grandparent up here), then go to the rental... drywall, tape, spackle.. drywall...tape... oops.. re-tape. paint.. oops.. re spackle.. demolish that wall, shovel plaster, drywall, paint...paint..paint........ And that's just at one of the rentals. That's not here at home with the Jeep, the yard work, the new (gigantic) garden. Go get water.. go get more water... another trip to town... AND that's just what's going on in THIS town.. all of that is also happening at 2 more rentals 2 hours away...

Trust me. I know how lucky I am. But I just needed one night to relax. One night with no projects. No garage time. No paint clothes. Just me and Ed and Charlie and the dogs.

I slow cooked dinner (spicy tomato sauce over linguine, pork chops and garlic toast). We sat and ate slowly. We actually had a conversation that had nothing to do with the rentals. Then me and Charlie layed down on the floor and played, and he told me stories that 5 month old boys tell, and the dogs layed on the couch all night long, because they were indoors for once... I took a shower at a normal time. I went to bed at a decent hour instead of falling into it exhausted.

We'll be back at the grind again tonight but it was so nice to have a time out just for one night. It was a great reminder of what we're working so hard for.

Do you make sure you take a time out together as a family?

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      I sure hope so Debi. One of the rentals out of town is ready, could use some yard work but other than that I'm just waiting for the Looky Lous to make up their mind. The other house has a long way to go.. I can't imagine that we'll ever be done with it. Here closer to home we've got some stuff to do on the one my mom just moved into but we're getting close. The bigger one still has some drywall work, paint, carpet and linoleum.. and finding a renter. Hopefully in a few months we'll be a lot closer to the end.

      It just made me think that, we hear a lot of moms that are really looking for a time out for themselves, but I wonder how many families just take time away from everything FOR each other. No phones, no responsibilities, no home work or chores or laundry. Like.. a movie night, or mini golf or something interactive.
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