Boutique Clothing Stores for Kids

A silly hobby of mine is looking through the mailed catalogues of boutique clothing stores for kids—Catching Fireflies, Janie and Jack, to name two of my favorites. I kind of love some of their offerings, but that is crazy too much money. I bought Maddie’s last Christmas dress at a Janie and Jack outlet for $30, which I thought was a decent deal. It was plaid silk and very pretty. She HATED it. Even though she could run around, she just didn’t like how long the dress was. We had it on her for about ten minutes, and realized it wasn’t worth the fight. So long enough to take a few pictures, but not nearly long enough for the price. I’m tempted to sell it on eBay or something. It’s too pretty to sit in the closet, only worn once! I also got a matching headband to go with it, and that stayed on her head for even less time.

When I bought her dress, I also bought a white onesie with a cute neckline and a plaid skirt. The sales lady said to me, regarding the onesie, “That’s a great piece. It’s very versatile.” At the time, all I could think was, “Yes, it will look so great covered in either pureed bananas or carrots!” I bit my tongue.

I just got a summer catalogue for Catching Fireflies, and they want $78 for their everyday cotton dresses and things like that. Super-cute, though—I wish Target would make a knockoff. Does anyone make knockoff kids clothes? I feel like this is getting sillier the more I think about it.

So, where do you fall? No judgment if you buy from these retailers, as they do make very quality garments. No judgment if you don’t, too—what do you think?

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