The dreaded photo list. How to not offend?

So.. Charlie's baptism is Sunday. I have a photographer friend coming up to do the honors. My mom and dad will be there, as will my dad's wife. Mom and dad get along fine enough, though mom likes to make dumb catty remarks sometimes (which she's gotten a very stern talking to about already). But that's not my issue at all.

My dad's wife, we'll call her Nancy, is a very sweet woman. She is SO nice. How can I say this to not give you guys a bad impression of my dad... My dad gets married a lot. lol. He's great, and it's a long story that doesn't matter, but regardless.. he gets married a lot.

So needless to say (and really when it comes down to it, it might never matter..BUT). I just don't want a bunch of pictures in the album and pointing out "the lady that grandpa used to be married to".

So, the best way I can figure is to give the photographer a list of all of the pics that I want and leave it at that. Nancy will be in some for sure, but there will be some that she won't be in. She's too sweet to ever say anything about it, I just don't want any awkward feelings.


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      I agree. I would tell the photographer what I want before hand then you can blame it on them later on if need be :-)
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