Time between children.

Is it a good idea to have children close together or spaced out?What are your experiences?

    I've got one right now, and I'm not preggers again yet, so it's going to be more than two years for us.

    My two younger brothers are almost exactly two years apart, and they are very close. However, I am eight and ten years older than they are, and we are also very close. My sister-in-law's children are four years apart, and they aren't very close at all! So I guess it really depends on how you feel as a mom, what you can handle, and the kids themselves!
      8Theresa Gould
      There's 2-3 and 3-4 and nearly 14 years difference between my three sisters and I. I don't think we are that close but it could just be that it feels like that because we are 1600 miles apart.

      Our children are 18-24 months a part on average, with the closest being 14.5 months a part and the longest being close to three years. The two 14.5 months apart are close at ages 13 and 15. It just depends.
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