Has anyone done a detox?What kind? How did you feel? I am currently doing on from beachbody it is the Ultimate Reset and i get to eat lol no starving for this girl. A lot of greens!

    5Stephanie Kirian
    I have done one and I swear by it!!! It doesn't taste nasty like some can! you take
    6 Cups water
    1 med cucumber sliced
    1 lemon sliced
    2 sprigs of fresh mint leaves
    1 TBSP sugar
    Combine all into a pitcher and allow to sit over night to infuse. Drink the whole next day!
    5Stephanie Kirian
    It helps you get all of the toxins and bad stuff out of your system to help you to lose weight. It has to coincide with a healthy diet and such, but it works. I use it every other day and it is quiet refreshing!
      8Theresa Gould
      I haven't but I've thought about it. I always had pregnancy or nursing to prevent me from doing it. Now I have no excuse and I still haven't done it!
        I have never done a detox... wow...what would i do a detox for and what one should I do...this is all new to me!
          Do i need to be alkaline/ this is all new to me!
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