Weaning of the bottle, why?

Babies should be weaned off the bottle somewhere between a year old and a year and a half, give or take. Prolonged use of a bottle or pacifier even can cause dental issues like tooth decay and misalignment of the teeth growing in. It can also cause jaw issues, though this is rare. Another thing is that older children may drink bottles laying down which can be a choking hazard. Another choking hazard can happen if their teeth are able to bite of of pieces of the nipple. Those hazards are rare, but worthy of consideration.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Good advice. We only ever had to wean from the thumb and breast. ;)
      We almost had our son on the bottle too long that it caused some dental issues... luckily it fixed it self once we weaned him!
        Does anyone have any advice on exactly how to wean them? My son will be a year 9/10 and i plan on weaning then, but i just want to prepare myself. Currently he drinks 4 - 4-7oz bottles a day. One as soon as he wakes up, one at 10 am (between breakfast and lunch), one at 3pm (between lunch and dinner) and one before bedtime (around 8pm). He uses a sippy cup at all meals with water. I have not introduced juice or anything like that. I am assuming the hardest bottle to break is going to be the bedtime one. I never leave it in the crib with him.
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