Hair products

So I'm curious about what you use for products in your hair.. and do you go for a cheaper price or do you buy for the brand?

How often do you wash your hair?
What shampoo/conditioner do you prefer..

Do you color your hair?
Use a hair dryer? Straight Iron? Curling Iron?

I am nervous to do my roots for the first time. I am not wanting to go the bleach route. It's hard because you need to match the tones.. Eek.

I wash my hair every 3-4 days. I let it air dry. I do use flat iron sometimes not always. I normally don't put any products in it when I straight Iron.
I use Tresemme Shampoo (color treated black bottle)
And I love the conditioner too but lately I've tried the
garnier fructis fortifying cream conditioner and I love it!
I also buy the small hair masks/deep conditioner treatments for .99 at Sallys. Especially since I have bleached my hair recently. I am still blonde. I haven't gone brown. It's growing on me. hehe
I might stay as long as I can do the roots easily. If I have to apply a double bleach and toner/developer to the roots every 6 weeks I don't think I'll stay blonde. But, I might have a new way to lighten.. IF it works.. I'll share it with you all after. hehe

Here are a couple tricks for those of you who have dry hair.
Try Using Olive Oli or Castor Oil. Massage your scalp also. Helps and makes hair super soft.

Also, (on a side note) a neat trick to exfoliate your face.. mix milk and sugar! Use it as a facial scrub! Then rinse. Seen it on Dr. Oz. Works fabulous!

This is the before and after photos..
My aunt says.. You look like two different people! haha!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mommy's day! xo ♡

Hair products
    8Theresa Gould
    I wash my hair every few days. Right now I am trying a new brand of shampoo in hopes of getting rid of my itchy scalp. It's called Ology.

    I've never colored my hair, unless you count the time the sun has bleached it lighter.

    You do look like two different people! But the smile is the same! :)
    Ology.. Never heard of it. You'll have to tell me how it works. My sister get's itchy scalp too.

    Lucky! Never colored your hair wow. I wish I never did lol. I started young. But, I went a long time without doing anything before I just went blonde.
    I love Garnier! And Bedhead smells so good! I get an oily scalp also but, now that I'm blonde it hides it a bit more. So, I can go a day or two more without a wash!
    OOh dark red huh? Have to take pics when you do! xD

    I actually was undecided.. I have two boxes of red dye.. and I had bleach.. hehe Bleach won! And Thank you! :)
    You're welcome! :)
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      So you have pretty healthy hair then? I use to use curlers and hair dryer before but I am trying to use them less over the years! Feels softer when I air dry! If I don't straighten it my hair gets really wavy and I'll need some anti-frizz hair lotion!

      I just LOVE the way the Garnier smells. mmm And makes the hair feel!
      hehe yeah damn frizz.
        So there is nothing better than Scientific Essentials. It was given to me after I had my first and literally is best conditioner I ever used - its made by a Hair MD and all over nyc it seems !
          great hair
          garnier for styling but nothing beat Scientific Essentials especially the conditioner for every day and wk use.
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