Would you include your child in your labor and birth?

This article below shares how to prepare your child to be a part of your birth and labor.

I have always opted not to allow my children at my births. I am very private and after three home births know what works best for me, my pain management and frame of mind. I don't think I'd even let my teens at my birth. Last June, my oldest witnessed a part of my miscarriage losing Michael and I wish she hadn't, but my husband needed her help when I passed out. :( I think it scared her too much and don't think she was ready for it.

However, they've always been a part of my pregnancies. For the longest time because I had so many so young they joined me in my prenatal appointments until I was comfortable leaving them outside on nice days or in the van watching movies or doing school work since my girls were getting old enough to watch them.

What about you, would you include your child in your labor and birth?


8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    For all of my labor and deliveries, none of my kids were present. That's a side of mommy I don't think they would want to see and nor do I want them to see that.
      Amy Phroper
      My daughter ended up being in the room when her brother was born. She was sleeping and he came a lot faster then we thought he would so she stayed and slept through the whole thing. My 14 year old niece was in the rook when I gave birth to my daughter. Her mom thought it would be good for her to be in the room. She was so close she could have caught my daughter. Lol.
        My 15 year old was there the whole time with my last child. She wanted to be there and was very interested. I made it a point to the dr and nurses that they needed to take time and explain to her what they were doing and what was happening. Having her there made me be much stronger. The only time she stepp. Back was duduring the epidural. She said it was kinda gross thinking about the needle going in my back. It was very special as she got to cut the cord and be the first of my kids to hold her. I wouldn't change having her there and my husband was right on board with her there. We had many discussions about it before the big day arrived.
          When I was in the hospital having my second daughter Isabella, I didn't want my eldest daughter Flor there because I didn't want her to see mommy in pain. So my mom took me to the hospital while my husband stayed at home and slept a little longer until he could take Flor to his brothers house to stay until mommy had baby sister
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