Petty Biological Father

So, my son's biological father refuses to fill out a Family Medical History Form for Jaime's medical files. Really?! Not only do I receive no financial assistance from this guy, but he has also never bothered to see Jaime. I'm not asking for money, clothes, diapers, anything. The ONE thing I ask him for, and he refuses. When I asked why, he simply answered, "I'm not his dad. I just made him." Ohhhhh wow ladies....let me tell you, it's very hard for me to keep my curse words to myself at this time. How in the world can one person be so entirely cruel and petty?!

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    Britt D-Z
    Sheila is correct, when you fill in the paperwork, you state that you don't have this information because his "father" refuses to provide it.
      Britt D-Z
      I feel your anger. Vent away, vent away.
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