gary went to get us dinner.... i have no clue where he is going or what he is getting me.... he didnt even bring his phone.....
and from his final comment before he left, it was like he had never ordered my food before in his life!!
i ALWAYS get the same thing from every restaurant/fast food. he SHOULD know.... gahhh lol
i dont like to venture off set meals at Not-my-home places. i want something good and i dont wanna risk it

    It's so funny that you mention he should know by now what you like to order. I am sitting here thinking if I know my boyfriends likes when we go out to eat. I sure do, haha. I can tell you what he likes at the Chinese restaurant, the BBQ place we like, the Italian place we like and what he likes from McDonald's (yuck) even.

    I think us ladies tend to notice details like that though, ya know? Or at least remember them.

    Hope he brings you something good to eat!
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      What do you usually order...and what did he bring you?
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