Heaven in my mouth!

I just made 3 ingredient Nutella brownies made them into a crumble and put a little on the bottom, layered mandarin oranges with a little plain greek yogurt another layer of brownie, mandarin and greek yogurt... Talk about a party in my mouth, hello happiness!

Heaven in my mouth!
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    Brownies are so easy! I found it on pinterest.
    2 eggs
    10 tbs flour or rice flour
    1 cup nutella which is basically a jar of spread
    mix it together it seems really lumpy but its okay.
    grease a pan and spread it out. Don't worry about making it fit to all corners.
    Bake 15 to 20 minutes at 350
    You know if I could I would send everyone some!
      What a wonderful concoction! I might have to try this!
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