Hello....and advice me plz

​Hello to all the wonderful moms here,

I am so happy to be with you ...this is my first post here .actually i need your advices since i gave birth with my second boy last feb i feel depressed and lonely and suffering with sleeping i do not feel like myself anymore...i even do not want to talk or see anyone,but sometimes i feel great and normal it looks like ups and downs you know .

So , What do you think ? Should i go to see a doctor or that happen to every mom .....BTW with my first boy i was the happiest mom ever ...


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    Aw.. hello and welcome Basma!

    I think this is fairly common to happen to sweet Mamas.. but if it has been up and down since February.. I urge you to see a doctor. Sometimes our bodies and hormones have minds of their own.. and sometimes sorting it out through a doctor, when we can no longer sort it out.. is the best solution.. it could really benefit yourself and family.. Lord knows you don't want to waste anyone time feeling this way.. I am sure you are an AMAZING Mom.. we just want you feeling like yourself again! As always.. we are here 24/7 to support you :) New friends!
      Kat Mahoney
      Hi Basma. It sounds like you have some post pardum depression and that can fluctuate and last for years without us even realizing it. The best thing for you is to try and get out, join some mom groups, play dates, etc. and sometimes a simple walk or exersice works to lift our spirits. I also recommend Vitamin B in your diet more, it really does help with mental health and especially for women. It also doesn't help that this time of year is common for seasonal depression and that's due to the lack of Vitamin D from the sun as well as the time and weather changes. As always, I would follow up with your doctor and explain your symptoms first and foremost. I fought depression for a long while, and still struggle with Anxiety Disorder, and talking to a therapist, learning relaxation methods, and changing your eating patterns can make a huge difference. Just remember, moms go through some pretty rough times both physically and mentally, but you aren't the only one, there is a whole community that can relate to your issues. I am not a certified counselor on the issues, but I have started the first non-profit military childrens organization in Arkansas to help children with emotional issues and have worked since 2008 with mental health therapists, counselors, and doctors as a military family mental health speaker to assist military families, children, and soldiers with their depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorders. This topic isn't new to me and it certainly is not uncommon! Let me know if you need any assistance in connecting with a professional or mommy organizations in your area! I will be glad to help!
        Oh moms thanks so much for your nice words.........and kat Mahoney if you plz it will be great if you can help me find some groups or communities here around Boston area.....cause i just moved here last year and i am almost staying home all the mornings with no friends or family members my husband and my four years boy leaving around 8 or 9 am till 4 pm during the weekdays .....your help will be really appreciated .......thanks again my amazing helpers
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