Annuals or Perennials?

So gardening season is upon us and i thought i would ask the you plant annuals or perennials? for those non gardening people...annuals have to be replanted every year they do not come back ... but perennials come back every year you only have to plant them once!

I personally love perennials...i am not a huge fan of annuals in general i think perennials are just more appealing....My favorite are iris

What about you?

    I would love to give some of mine away. the people that owned the house before us had a ton of gardens on our big corner lot. We are on the highway so the front yard gardens haven't had attention in 4 years..... They NEED attention because a lot of bushes were killed in the ice storm last year and need taken to battle the snakes and find a free baby sitter...
    I will come over and take some!LOL... if I lived closer!
    LOL I seriously put up posters around town... I know they need thinned out and some taken out and we have mini pines or something or other that is dead and needs taken down.. we just don't know what we are doing and can't hire any help.
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