Dares, Boots and More pointless drama

Oh boy! Sabine has this thing where she'll buy things , And my daughter definitely knows how to waste her money on pointless things, and then she'll let them gather dust in the back of her closet and only wear them once. But today I discovered a whole new side to her. She had invited Luke over to hang out and when I went into her room to check on them, there he was wearing her boots. They were laughing for an eternity and suddenly SNAP the boots in half! I ask her why Luke was even wearing her boots in the first place and she replies 'Aoife and Johnathon dared us and well we just wanted to win the dare game on who the best couple was. The best couple gets to sit in the front of the limo. Anyways mom get out Luke and I are hanging out and your just going to bore us with stories of your pet dinosaur when you were born in the stone age 40 years ago so go away!'. I ask her to clean up her act and tell her she's been really snappy lately. Then it's got me thinking. Sabine has always been sassy, but never to the extent where she will tell me, of all people, off. She has always been sassy and I get that, she is a teenager for goodness sake. But since her and Luke have been going out she has been especially rude and hurtful and well I need your advice. Do you think I should tell her that Luke is causing her to be mean and she should stop seeing him or should I let her continue this way? Please reply ASAP

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