Concerts and Sleepovers?

I recall a year ago or so something very funny happened. Sabine approached me and asked me a very odd question. She said' Mom listen Chris and Luke ( Or as she addresses him Lukey Pookey) invited me to go with them to our friends 'The Venom Smashers' concert. Oh and it's alright you don't need to pick me up after, CJ and I will take a cab back to CJ's house" she pelts at me broadly. I look her in the eye and say ' Sabine Aamina Canterbury. I have no idea who these 'Venom Smashers' are and there is no way you will be sleeping at this CJ's house unless I get her parents number so I can call and check in. Who even is this CJ and who else will be sleeping over? Who is this band, you have never mentioned them' I recite to her.'Just some college guys. And mom how would I know who else is staying at CJ's, we're all chill mom. CJ is really sweet, she's a really good friend so yeah. And her parents are in town, her is there number'(gives me a number). So I decide to let her go. Then I see Dyl on his Facebook and he shuts his computer when I walk by. 'Dylan Greyson Canterbury, what exactly are you hiding' I question. I then open his computer and right before me I see the most disturbing picture of Sabine at that concert with people I don't even know, posted to her Facebook. This was taken hours before so I would guess they were home, Sabine also told me they would get to CJ's at 11 or so. I call them number she gave me and find out it belongs to some pizza franchise! My blood is boiling at this point so I drive over to Ghiya's house and interrogate her, trying to find out where this Cj's house is ( If there even is a CJ). Ghiya tells me there is no CJ in there school, however there is Rafia's college party going on tonight'. So I race to Rafia's and find my daughter dancing with not a care in the world. So I decide since she has made a fool out of me, running around town, ill do the same to her. I open my windows and say 'Sabine honey time to go baby doll, Mommy's going to take you home baby aww how sweet that crop top and mini skirt your wearing reminds me of the time you peed on the carpet when you were 10'. She turns a bright scarlett , jumps into the back of my car, and since then hasn't ever snuck out or lied to me. Lesson learnt!

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I am a mother of two hoping another. My husband Derek is a builder and I am a architect, and we hope to "build" a beautiful family together. Good one BarBar. I would love to talk to all you ladies! My life in Ras al Khaimah is luxurious! :)