Another Long Day....

I feel like the days at work are just getting longer and longer. Working 38 hours every week just grows on me like a mold lol. I'm 23 and for the most part of my working life (since 18), I've only ever worked part-time. Granted, I enjoy making the money and being able to have a secure job for the future, but it's wearing on me quickly lol. I think it would have been different if we were busy every single day, but we aren't. I work for a family owed luggage retailer. Some days we're busy, but most days we aren't. So it's sitting around and doing nothing for 10 hours.... After so many long, tiring, 10 hour shifts, you're ready for something else lol. Anyway, oh well. I'm off tomorrow and that's all I care about. Gonna spend the day with the little one and probably rest.

Happy Thursday to you all!

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