Is this normal.

My other two boys never did this before. But i think vince may behind in a lot more than i thought. I know all babies develop all milestones differently. But there are a few things i worry about with vince.
He still at 8.5months old is still waking up once or twice. Its not for a bottle is cuz he lost his pacifire and its out of his reach and he wants it. I have let him cry but he doesnt stop until i come in and get a new one or find the old one.
My other boys had a few words like mama, dadda and hi at this age. And he doesnt have any of those. He just uses babbles or gaga.
He still is not crawling yet. He is rolling all over and pulling himself to his knees and rocking but cant get crawling. If we let him hold on to something he can stand on his own. So i think he will roll to something, pull himself up on his knees and grab something and pull himself to a standing postion. He may walk earlier than the other two.
The other boys i offered sippy cups and they took to them and had a bottle so it was easier to transition them. Vince i offer him a sippy once a month and he refuses it, he will turn his head and cry.

    I think he seems fine, every baby is different. My daughter was definitely only babbling at 8.5months I don't think she said noticeable words until 9.5-10 and only recently at 14 months can she say a handful of words clearly. I know of many later crawlers. The sippy cup we had to offer it frequently and over and over to get her to play with it and eventually drink from it. If you are still worried you can always ask your doctor
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