Once in a Long-Time Splurges

With the move to Norfolk, here, we've had to get quite a few things. Before, we didn't have really any furniture. We had to give up quite a few things since we couldn't haul a big trailer and weren't willing to pay 1700 bucks for a truck for what little we did have, so we gave away all of our furniture except for the highchair and crib and a little fold-able Walmart table.

So, guess what we did, first thing here in Virginia?
If you guessed "major furniture splurge", you'd be right!

I admit, we aren't exactly frugal. We watch what we spend, but we don't really have a budget. We always put over half the paycheck into savings and leave the rest as "Spending". We just keep an eye on our accounts and make sure we get what we need/want while still having a good amount left for rent or electric/internet while still having some for whatever else, and it's worked so far, even with my husband being the only income right now. Splurging, though? Pretty much never.

This apartment is a little bigger than our last one, and we'll be here a few years, at least, so we decided to get some nice stuff. We got a nice 48inch Flatscreen, a Big comfy sofa, two nice computer desks and chairs, a TV stand, Two standing lamps for the living room, a bookshelf...a queen-sized nice bedset...You get it, we furnished our home for the first time. With all of this, we're still fine financially, but we've decided that's our splurge for...some time.

Do you ladies have any protocol for splurging? Or do you keep a strict budget? I know we're kinda loose about it all, but we haven't struggled or had to go without even once yet, nor have we gotten close. This giant purchase-spree lately just had me thinkin about it, especially since if my husband doesn't have to deploy soon we'll get 2 pets, or otherwise not til he gets back.

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