Teaching to Drink From Straw

I am trying to teach my 1 year old how to drink from a straw but it is not going well. She drinks just fine from her regular spout sippies, but I am trying to get her to move to a straw sippy or just be able to sip from a straw in general and she just doesn't get it. She just chews on it. How did you teach your little to drink from a straw?

    I did exactly what Amandadid and I had Avery drinking from a straw at 7mo old! I started the way she says, but I had to make sure not to put it too far into her mouth or she would just bite it to release the liquid. As soon as she closes her lips around the straw release the water so she learns not to bite.

    After that we bought these first years cups from target. They're like $3 for a four pack and the come with cups, lids, and straws (link below). The nice this is the straws are hard so Avery didn't want to chew on them. The lids create a little bit of suction so you can squeeze water into their mouth to get them started sucking. It worked great and I was happy it only cost me $3! I do wash them in the dishwasher and they're totally reusable.

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