VILLAGE LIFE HELP with my family

Here is my family. as you can see i need two new names. help me name my 6 and 7th child!!
if you see someone commented a name you like. heart it, the one with most hearts wins.
My family:
Gary (boy) - Dad
Andrea (girl) - Mom
Kado (boy) - 1st [twin set #1] married to Isolde. {in my village} age 20
Fayte (girl) - 2nd [twin set #1] married to George {in his village} age 20
Emery (Girl) - 3rd age 14
Keith (boy) - 4th age 8
Astrid (girl) - 5th age
? (boy) - 6th [twin set #2] age fetus
? (girl) - 7th [twin set #2] age fetus

VILLAGE LIFE HELP with my family
    Zayne, Zeeke, Andy, Darla, Dawn. just some random names.
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        8Theresa Gould
        I've never even heard of this game! Sounds like you are having fun with it though!

        Cindy and Cryus.
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