My Aunt!

Well, my cousin has started having contractions as of last night. My Aunt has been admit and a bit childish about going in the delivery room and my cousin does not want her in the room because she wants it to be just her and her husband. My Aunt is still thinking she is going in the room and wont leave her alone about it. My cousin called me a few minutes ago and said my Aunt isn't answering the phone now. Any advice on what to do to help her relax and keep my Aunt out of the room? I told her to let the mid wife know and she will handle it from that point when they go to the hospital.

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    I tried to tell my aunt the exact same thing last night and she didn't get it, Britt has been very clear from the begining that she wants it to be a moment between her and her husband and I totally get it. But its to bad my aunt wont just let it be.
      I wish I could that, but unfortunatly I'm in a different state... I'll have someone closer do it though.
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