Mom Rant !

If you haven't been in her life in over a year ; who the hell are you to tell me what to do ?! Your own son has only been around for 5 months of her life - She's 22 months old ! He hasn't bought her anything , diapers , wipes , formula , clothing or anything ! NOW because your son doesn't have a girlfriend you think i should let him come around and be DADDY ? are you crazy ? She has a daddy ! & Who are you to come message me about what i said to your son ; it's OUR conversation not your's - Alexiz is MY daughter .

End Of Rant - Sorry Ladies !

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      It really did let off some steam , but now after dealing with his mother I get to deal with him . I don't understand how he can just walk out of our daughters life at the age of 2 months old and then i let him come back around at the age of 1 - and he walks out again . Honestly i don't see how any parent can do it . It blows my mind . And while i've tried to keep him in her life whenever he gets a new girlfriend he's gone out of his childs life again , like it's nothing to him . & he contacts me after his gf and him break up like it finally works in his life to be a dad .
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