What hospitals don't want you to know about C-sections

Check out this Consumer Reports article on c-sections.

As a childbirth professional I know what c-sections are a necessary and life saving procedure in some cases. The problem is the amount of c-sections being done are not needed. C-section rates and much higher than they need to be and so are complications, maternal and fetal deaths.

It is sad and scary that doctors are not being honest with their patients and are not truly looking out for their patients best interest. I hate when I see a mom get tricked into a c-section when the doctor isn't honest about why she needs one. Moms are not to blame for the increase in c-sections, doctors are.

Did you have a c-section? How was your recovery? Why did you need one?


    I had a c-section and I am very glad I did. The doctor had told me that he thought I had a lot of complications that my original doctor just didn't diagnose. I found this doctor a few days before my son was born. Not only did I have way to much fluid but there was also something wrong with my thyroid. But T's shoulders were way too wide for me and when they went to pull him out the cord was wrapped around his throat two times. This doctor told me there was a good chance the cord would be. They told me after the c-section that with all the stuff going on with me and him combined it would have killed me and T both if I had tried to deliver naturally.
    But I do agree that way to many c-sections are done. Natural birth is just that...natural. Our bodies were designed to give birth. C-sections are major surgery not just a little out patient thing, which it seems most doctors try to convince patients they are. The recovery is horrible...and long, not to mention you still have all the recovery process of a natural birth. Even though you didn't push a baby out, everything still hurts. A year later I still have pain where the scar is. If I overdue things I cramp up there. And my scar is wide! Much bigger than I expected.
      My c-section was medically necessary because of my blood pressure. I think that the only way to combat this is for moms to educate themselves about what "at risk" means and, more importantly, ask questions. I know first hand that second-guessing your doctor can have ill effects but can also be worth it in the end. I wanted a natural, vaginal delivery. It didn't turn out that way, but in the end I got my happy healthy baby and that's all that matters to me.
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