the other day as I was stressing out about bills and the house being clean my hubby sat me down on his lap and tried to make me feel better. However one thing he said to me triggered a crying session that showed my real stress. He told me " baby you need to stop stressing so much, did your ever think that's why you can't get pregnant?" And bam like turing on a light I broke down. And I knew he was right I need to stess less so the question is
Whats your ways of handling stress? How do you relax?

    Exercise! Even just a quick walk helps me and getting plenty of sun.
    I've always herd acupuncture works.
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    I am currently a wife and a mother of one. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant with a second child. I was on the depo shot but am no longer on any kind birth control. The doctors said it might be hard to conceive again due to my -blood type.