I haven't been on here for a while. We had the final hearing for custody of my 3 year old stepdaughter, after the whole thing being drug out for a year. We had some pretty major stuff on her mother. The baby is neglected, and her mother is certifiably crazy, as in gets check for being loony. At our last hearing, months ago, we were told that he had a better than average chance of getting custody. Fast forward to the last hearing, where our lawyer walked in and told him that he could push and it would come before the judge, but if he did the judge was likely to decide that every weekend visitation with a 3 year old was excessive and take some of his time with her away. Am I the only one that thinks that sounds like a threat to? So...we worked it out, to where he has the parenting plan that the lawmaster should have made sure was in place before the divorce was granted. I mean we have a 16 year old boy who has blocked her from his twitter and FB accounts and told his counselor he wanted nothing to do with her for specific reasons including her abuse, and drug use, yet they leave this helpless child with her because "it would be too disruptive to move her." So, two days ago her mother posts at 9 am in the morning that she is too drunk to move. And we know the little girl was there because at midnight the night before she was posting how she couldn't get the D^%m kid to sleep. So...suffice to say I have not been in a good state of mind.

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    Me and my husband are in the same place with his son. We have all this proof of drug use and neglect that has been submitted to the courts and yet they ignore it and allow a child to stay in an unsafe place. The judge has even yelled at my husband for bringing it up. The police have been involved and the mom has even been arrested and convicted and yet the court keeps him with her. It is crazy to me. If you ever need to vent I am always wiling to listen. :-)
      This is heartbreaking. It shocks me that this mother even wants custody of the child. How old does a child need to be before they are able to tell a judge where they want to live and have that be what happens??? Hopefully soon enough that sweet little girl will be with you in a loving, caring, responsible home!
        7Kimberly Acord
        Thank you all.
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