When your teenager wants a car.


Ed and I have had this discussion already, even though Charlie is only 5 months old. We were both raised the same in that, when it came time for a car certain things came into play. Mainly our grades and general attitude. We agree that if Charlie is maintaining good grades and is overall a good kid with a good attitude and doesn't get into trouble, we will purchase a modest car (or quiet honestly give him one of Ed's project cars). We'll pay the insurance until he gets a ticket/accident, then he's on his own.

My older brothers growing up got to choose a fixer-upper that my dad would help them with. By the time they had a license, they respected that car. Ed is a master mechanic so I know there will be some similarities there. I'm hoping for a small pickup, so he can't haul too many friends around..haha.

Have you dealt with this yet? Or, if you aren't there yet, have you had this talk?

      We haven't dealt with this, but we have talked about it a few times. My husband and I had VERY VERY different upbringings and we have yet to come to an agreement.

      I had to work for my own car. I was allowed to borrow my parents' car (I was a great student and generally pretty well behaved) if I asked and they weren't using it, but it came with a pretty strict set of rules - I had to be very detailed about where I was going, when I would be home, etc. I wasn't allowed to have my own car until I saved up enough money to purchase one myself, which I did eventually do :)

      My husband was given a car for his 16th birthday. It wasn't new, but it was a nice car and it was his to use as he pleased.

      I think working for things is really important - a car is a big deal and is a huge privilege in my opinion. I'm fine with letting them borrow our cars, like my parents did - or even maybe us buying an extra "family" car for them to use... but I don't like the idea of giving a teenager a car just because they are able to drive it. Thankfully, we still have a good 11ish years before we have to really think about it!
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