Is it safe for baby to sleep with your mom?

I think this can vary greatly. As moms, we know who we can trust our babies around. Me personally? No, I would not let Charlie sleep with mom. She forgets a lot.

Overall, Charlie has slept with us on nights he's not feeling too well. As soon as he falls asleep he goes into the bassinet, and now into the crib. If you feel that your mother can be safe with your child, it's your call to make. But if there are any concerns whatsoever, you should not allow it.

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    We've been co-sleepers for awhile, so the kids sleep with us, but I don't know that I would let the baby (even now) sleep with my mom. Mainly because my mother doesn't have the necessary ummmm tools (my boobs) to feed her.... The big kids have slept with her though!
      8Theresa Gould
      If my mom was here at our house, I'd trust her to sleep with my baby, but I doubt she would unless she was rocking baby in the recliner and leaned back and fell asleep that way.
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