A different Kind of Punishment

So I read this article today about how one man with ADHD remembers how his father handled his discipline. He didn't spank (according to the article 73% of kids who were given a spanking were acting out again within 10 minutes), he didn't ground, and he didn't take away toys. Why? because it didn't work. The author's father was an army veteran who didn't believe in corporal punishment but did believe in discipline. When his strong-willed son skirted the typical punishments he realized that his son was BORED, not a bad kid. He made his son sit down and ready the encyclopedia. He'd pick a topic, like aardvarks, and tell his son that he had to read the whole article before he could go play. Then he would quiz the boy to make sure he paid attention to what he read. It made the son focus and tune out over-stimulation. He learned to pick up a book when he was bored rather then get in trouble, and he got really good at Jeopardy :)

I think that is awesome. I had ADD as a kid and my mother would smack me until I was black and blue whenever I screwed up. It taught me nothing. I didn't do that stuff on purpose, I was bored and had trouble focusing on what I was doing. When she hit me for it the only thing it told me was that I was a screw up and I deserved to hurt for it. This kind of punishment seems so much more effective. The child is engaging in a productive activity in order to shift focus. It allows them to clear their head soyou can discuss what was wrong about their actions.

What kind of unique consequences do you give your kids?


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    Kids and adults with add it's not their fault they shouldn't be spanked cause it's their behavior problem
      This is an awesome article, and a fantastic idea! My only fear is that nowdays, encyclopedias are a little harder to come by thanks the internet. But I suppose the same idea still can be used - get some educational reading material that isn't on a phone/kindle/electronic device that can be used for fun, and have your child read it instead of being "punished"
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        Now that we live on a farm, we give extra work. Bad, stinky attitude? Muck manure. Complaining about work? You get more work. It usually gets rid of the attitude and the complaining fast because they don't want more work!

        I liked what this army dad did.
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