When to give a baby chicken

Most pediatricians in the US say to wait until your baby is at least 8 months old before giving them poultry like chicken. This is mostly because they need teeth to chew it properly and the protein can me hard to digest for younger babies.

The recomendation is changing though. European countries and Canada are now recommending meat as one of baby's first foods because of the high iron content. If you do decide to give your 6 month old chicken make sure it is cooked thoroughly and pureed so they can digest it more easily. Try some and wait 3-4 days before giving them any other new foods to see if the protein reacts with their stomachs at all. If it does you may need to wait until they're older to try again.

Moms Expertise
    Great advice! We do Baby Led Weaning, so mine all had chicken around 8ish months. Usually at that age, they just gnawed on it and spat it back out :)
      Yes, I live in Canada, and there is quite a movement now to move away from rice cereal as the first food. If I ever had another baby, I'd try chicken soup with pureed boiled chicken as an early food. I mean, you want your child to grow to enjoy real food, and mushy rice doesn't quite count!
        8Theresa Gould
        Good tips. It's interesting how the recommendations are changing even since I had my last son.
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