Breastfeeding - What were your goals?

If you chose to breastfeed, did you set a goal for how long you would do it? Did you make it?

With Mason, I set a goal of 4 months, then 6, then "however long we both liked it" and I made it to 9 months.
With Audrey, I set a goal of 1 year, and made it 2.5 years!
With Hayden, I set a goal of 1 year, and we are still going strong at 13 months :)

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    My goal was to breastfeed at least a year with all of my kids.

    I breastfed Aidan for almost 18months and had to stop due to pregnancy. He got pumped milk in a cup after his sister Lucy was born.

    I only breastfed Lucy on and off for about 6 months before she got a permanent feeding tube. I pumped until she was under a year old and she got a combination of pumped milk and formula in her feeding tube.

    Delilah was breastfed until she was about 18months and I had to stop due to pregnancy.

    Annika is currently 19months old and still breastfeeding regularly. I was planning on letting her self wean. I have been considering weaning her early though, in hopes of her sleeping longer at night but I am not sure yet.
      My goal with T was 6 months. We made that and then he self weaned. Which I thought was funny because for the first 3 months he refused to take a bottle then one day he just preferred them.
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