Does bananas affect how a baby goes #2?

Too much of any of these, applesauce, bananas and cereal, especially cereal, could cause constipation in your baby. Giving your baby these foods in moderation, no more than a few times a day, wont make them constipated. When Baby's poops become more infrequent, harder, or difficult to pass, enlist the help of these foods to soften the situation: pear juice; it works really well and kids actually like it. Some vegetables can also help: Try broccoli, beans, and Brussels sprouts. And don't forget water; sometimes the system just needs a good flushing to get it working again.

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    Good advice.
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      Once their digestive system is mature it shouldn't bind them up, as long as they have plenty of fiber. Selena has banana pieces in her oat cereal for breakfast.
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