It's A Dry Heat...

I have lived in Arizona for two years now, and I'm still not quite used to this heat! My daughter and I have very light, sensitive skin and must wear sunscreen when we venture outdoors.

I received a weather notification on my cell that advised me to keep cool because the temperatures this weekend is expected to range from 105-115 degrees Fahrenheit. My daughter has never been exposed to this kind of weather as this will be her first summer where she is able to run around outdoors without assistance. I really don't want to keep her indoors all summer, and by indoors I mean in the house. It's just difficult finding activities to do in such weather...

    8Theresa Gould
    Does Arizona have a cool morning or evening? If so, maybe you can get some outside time during the cool of the day? Those are very high temperatures. I've never been to Arizona and my husband has only been once and he said it was very hot. He went in August, if I remember correctly.
      When I was married we got stationed in Oklahoma. In the welcome packet one of the first things they said was to be very cautious of the heat. You don't realize how HOT it is because it's very breezy there and it's a dry heat. People get overheated very quickly because of that.

      I took to taking them outside in the early mornings or the late afternoon/early evening time. The preschool I worked at wouldn't let us take the kids outside most of the time in the summer because it was just so hot!
        It is definitely ridiculously hot here. There are cool mornings...sometimes. At night, sometimes the lows are still in the 90s. I will try to get her a little wading pool and go out once the sun goes down some. I absolutely love the winters here, but during the summer I really wish I were back in North Dakota where if its 30 degrees above zero every one is outside in shorts washing their cars!
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