And I kinda hate my kids when they're doing it and by 'doing it' I mean whining about it... I don't think there should BE homework in all honesty.. maybe a light page and reading... BUT my kids are at school for 7 hours... they should be kids when they get home...

Homework blows... For my son... He's 9 and we have good nights, but dude... Just sit down and get it done!!!!


    8Theresa Gould
      Amanda Hurley
      I have been playing make up with my daughter. I cannot believe how much school work she does in a week AT SCHOOL. I could understand just reading homework, but she is 6 and in kindergarten. Why berate her with so much at such a young age??
        I'm sure the doses of homework will only get healthier from here. Did I say healthier? I meant heavier! Seriously though, good luck and congrats to you for being so strong to put up with the madness of (I'm guessing here?) public school.
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