I Colored my Hair and my son Cried!!! LOL

I'm a natural blonde and died my hair to a pretty bold red... for fun... and when my 9 year old son saw it, he said, "WHAT did you do???" and I laughed and he said, "No. no nononononooooo... I Do NOT like it" and I said, "Well, news flash dude.. YOU don't have to"... and he looked at me like I've betrayed him...

This happened once before... No color change, but I had cut a few inches off and cut bangs back when he was in Kinder and he didn't like it then either...

I think ti's funny and kind of sweet.. Boys really like their mama's to be how they want them to be... My daughter however was very excited...​

    Oh too funny! hehehe Kid's reactions to things we do are amusing.
    I'm sure it looks great!!
      I have 2 daughters 3&4 and my natural color is the same as theirs. A medium/dark blonde. And I just recently tried to dye it from a bleach blond to my natural color(dark blonde) and it turned out a dark brown. They are the sweetest girls cuz they told me I looked beautiful but they didn't like it and wanted me to change it back so I could look like them again. I love how sweet and honest kids can be.
        8Theresa Gould
        That's cute. :)

        I remember when my husband shaved off his mustache when my oldest was little and it really confused her for a bit. Same with our last son when my husband would wear his glasses. I don't remember them ever saying anything about me....maybe once my son said he liked my hair better long when I got it cut up to the shoulder.
          This post made me laugh my butt off. "No. no nononononooooo... I Do NOT like it"" HAHAHAHA.

          It seriously is sweet though in it's own way.

          It reminds of a time when I was a kid and my father shaved off his very thick beard. When I meandered through the house and found him, I screamed to the top of my shrill lungs because I thought he was an intruder! Lol.
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            4Ronna Jones
            One of my boys cried too when I colored my hair blonde! He thought I didn't want to look like him!
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