What are the cleanest and dirtiest fruits and veggies?

Since we are organic farmers (not certified yet) we do not use pesticides or any chemicals on our land or give them to our animals. There is great concern over the amounts of pesticides found on our produce. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) has published a list of 15 of the cleanest and dirtiest fruits and veggies, which I think is good to keep in mind when buying food for our families.


There was another article published recently that said if adults would just eat organic food for one week they'd reduce the amount of pesticides in their bodies by 90%!

A new study to be published in July, 2014, in the Journal of Environmental Research, found that only one week on an organic diet can cause pesticide levels in adults to drop by nearly 90%. The study found participants' urinary dialkylphosphates (DAPs) measurements were 89% lower when they ate an organic diet for seven days compared to a conventional diet for the same amount of time. DAPs make up 70% to 80% of organophosphate pesticides. This reaffirms the findings of a study done in 2006 on children. Organic diets significantly lowered children's dietary exposure to organophosphorus pesticides. Know your farmer, plant a garden, boycott GMOs... we must take back control of our food.

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What do you think about this? And how will it or does it affect your grocery shopping?

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