food ideas for 1st BP

Consider giving the birthday child his or her own small cake to dig into. This is their first opportunity to completely get covered in birthday cake so have your camera ready! If you are concerned with giving your baby too much sugar or potentially allergenic ingredients, a separate cake is a perfect opportunity to give your child something to smash into while providing your grown-up guests with a traditional birthday cake. If you don't want a messy baby, you can give them their own special cupcake with a 1st birthday candle!

For the toddlers at your child's 1st birthday party, stick with familiar food items such as teddy bear shaped graham crackers, fish shaped crackers, dry cereal and perhaps some teething biscuits.

You will want to cater to the adults at your child's first birthday, too! The adults attending your party may be holding their own child in one arm, so choose food that can be eaten with one hand. Consider serving a submarine sandwich cut into small portions, a vegetable tray with dip, mini meatballs with a tasty dipping sauce, and cut fruit and cheese.

Making a first birthday cake in the shape of a "1" is fairly easy to do yourself. First, bake a 9-by-13-inch cake in any flavor and let cool. Using a serrated knife, cut out the shape of a 1 and frost. You can also use our first birthday cake pan and then decorate the cake to fit your theme.

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