...has decided he's too old for naps now. Yes, he is eight month old. No he has not napped all day until about an hour ago. For the passed two days he has only taken one nap each day! This man is so crazy haha. He just wants to stay up and play play play! You bet mom and dad are tired as heck too because we're not used to this either! Although, it does have a nice side effect....Lucas sleeps in now til about 10 am!! Haha oh man, it's been a long two days!

When did your child decide enough was enough with naps? :)

    Selena is staying up longer now too. We take maybe 3 naps a day and sleep til 7:30am.
      T pretty much has always hated sleep. He has only slept through the night the last few months and only took two naps a day between the ages of 4-6 months. Now it's one nap about an hour long if he even takes that. He still goes in his crib for at least an hour every day to give me a break. If he sleeps then great but if not he has stuff in there to keep him company :-)
        Haiden has no naps unless the weekend. And he is 6 years old.
        Logan has quite time in morning but he dont have to nap at that time. He does take a 2hr nap in the afternoon.
        Vince has 3 naps. He has a morning nap about 1hr to 2hrs. He has an afternoon nap for 2hrs. And he has a half he before dinner nap.
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