Change in family dynamics has got me down :(

I'm having this weird feeling and I don't like it. I feel bad when I do feel it. We are now a family of 4. We have two girls! I love them both. This issue that I'm having is how I feel detached from the baby. I cuddle her and talk to her of course but I really miss the time I had with my oldest. It makes me sad knowing that it will never be the same. I don't know how to shake this feeling. I just really really miss it just being me and my oldest. But I want my second princess! I absolutely adore and love her. When I hold her I feel like I never want to put her down no matter how tired I am. This is all very confusing :(

    Aw Sara.. how old is your new baby? I feel like these are VERY common feelings that come with all the sudden change.. you feel like the time with your oldest is being cut short, but then again time with your new baby is needed too.. I assure you, you are not alone!!! Have you chatted with your husband about this? Any family members? It's so great you are talking about it! Or your doctor too?
      I think this might be pretty normal. It's a big change! I fell it might go away with some time. As long as your girls know you love them, I don't see it as a problem. I think a little time is all it'll take. :) I miss it just being me and David and now with Lucas it's so different. But it's been a while now and I can't imagine t was ever just me and David anymore haha. :)
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