Would u be upset?

So after missing my husband for the 5days he was gone that time to be with his best friend.
I was in rough shape, and it was affecting all the boys. I even talked to his best friend and explained to him how i was feeling and how the kids were feeling. He said he understood and told me i was ok and he wont joke with me for a few days on anything.
When my husband came home i sent a text to his best friend thanking him for listening to me and beinf understandable and being supportive of me and my husbands feelings and tellinf him he is a great friend.

Well last night now that my husband has been back for awhile his best friend used how i felt and teased or joked with me. I dont find it cool i find it rude. I dont give a damn if u joke about me spilling my coffee on my phone but joking or teasing someone on their depressed feelings even after it all went away ks wrong.
What makes it worse is my husband didnt back me up or stand up for how we felt, he went along with it.
When i confronted him today, he listend but he shot me down and kept telling me i was over reacting and he is done talking about it.
What do u think, was i overreacting or should i be upset.

    Thanks ladies. I thought so to. But apartlently i am over reacting
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