Moms and babies bathing together.

I love bathing with Lucas!!! It is a little difficult what with both of us being wet haha, but I love it! I've bathed and showered with him and so has David. I love the skin to skin time and getting all clean together. He's eight months old now, but I still love to get naked with him and have really good skin to skin cuddle times. He loves to be mobile now, so baths are the perfect time to do this haha. :) I love it! And I think he does too, he loves getting clean in general haha. :)

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    Jacqueline Miller
    Honey I'm almost 9 months pregnant and I still bath with my youngest that just turned one a couple weeks ago. Sometimes my husband works late and we also have a 5 year old to tend to. I feel like i'm killing two birds with one rock when we bathe together. The bonding is fantastic. I always leave the bathroom door open because if my husbands there he grabs the baby I wash my self and then get out. My baby boy loves it as well hes so focused on the bubbles and his tremendous pile of duckies its hard fro bath time to be anything but enjoyable.
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