peace and quite

So nice its 8:30 and my whole house it so quite. Loving this second but only for the next 10 minutes or so till I decide that I need to fold laundry or do the supper dishes. Lol and with that thought one of my daughters just yelled for me. After 4 years of being a mom I should have known better. Even as tired as I am it's all worth it because my kids are so sweet and awesome. I honestly couldn't ask for a better life. I get to r​aise 2 beautiful daughters with the love of my life.

    8Theresa Gould
    That's always the way. Just when we think we have a few minutes to relax and "be" they need us again. The way of motherhood.
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    I'm a proud stay at home mom of 2 awesome daughters ages 3&4. And I have my 5 year old nephew every weekend. Just doing the best I can to raise some great kids with my great hubby :)